Mick Rabbidge on a Micro model at Mollymook.
Works harder for you when the waves are not pumping.



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Summer customs

Time is running out for your summer custom made surfboard. If you are thinking about doing some surfing over the xmas holidays it takes about 3-4 weeks to get a custom made board through production. Pleading and begging and the occassional bribe work well but generally that is the time frame. If you get stuck behind the inevitable summer shop rush you will miss out. Call,  email or drop by the factory to talk to Mark and get it happening!
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FatBoy Models

Some versions of the FatBoy that have been with us for some time.

FatBoy #1 Standard Fatboy

FatBoy # 2 Performance FatBoy

Fatboy # 3 FatBoy Slim


Orange Micro

6 ft Micro

Nice fish

Another nice fish.
Everyone loves a new board. Euey is no exception!
Everyone loves a new board, Euey is no exception. Happy Surfing!

Mick Rabbidge on the 6ft 4 Rabbidge "Venturi" model finless. Harder to ride than than the Caddy 8fter with the water shooting up through the board as you ride.

Click on "FULL STORY" link to see the movie.

Check out the waves of Ray Lawrence riding the 8ft finless. He had never tried one before and makes it look easy.

Click on the "FULL STORY" link  below to see movie.

The boys took the finless out the local reef for a spin.Mick & Mark at the reef

Getting your kids off their trusty softboard and onto a "fibo" is a big leap for most (parents and kids). The questions are; do you go for a new shortboard or beginner board? Or, do you get them on a crappy hand me down so that it wont matter if they trash it in the a) shorey b) car park c) stand up paddle board crushes them etc etc.
The answer is, it depends on the kid. An agile, quick learner is bound to go well on a shortboard but they wont catch as many waves. If you can help them position in the line up it wont be as big an issue. If they are out there along mostly without pushes or line up help then a bit bigger board will help them in this transition faze.
Talk to Mark for the inside info to get on the right board. We may even have some 2nd hand grommet boards that kids have grown out of.

Ways to make surfing interesting - take off the fins! Well not just unscrew your fcs and have a spin but try to create something that can rides with control, spin 360s if you want to and give the rider a thrilling sense of living on the edge.
This was the first finless Mark made "the Caddy" with 5 spines protruding out of the tail. A freaky looking thing that has some reinforcing on the deck to stop the spines from overflexing. Even paddling these feel different. The key to a successful take off is to make sure you drop straight to the bottom, if you try to go on the angle it wont get purchase. Drop down and do a bottom turn, planting your back foot with a little extra attention than normal and you are on your way!8ft finless deck


Swapping boards with Mario at southend the other day it was noticeable the difference between the single fin set up and the single and side fin set up of his board. Personally I like the smoother feeling of the single but the small side fins give a sense of the thruster power and drive mid turn.
Mario on Pam's 9'1" single fin.

Cameron Gray Wins The "Snowy" June long weekend

Against a strong field of hungry competitors Cameron Gray, Retro Longboards team rider has once again won the Snowy.
Held at Manly in small clean conditions Cameron used his local knowledge to full advantage. Known for his old school style and savvy wave Cam logged enough time on the nose to take home the winners trophy.

We hope to catch up with Cam for an update on his recent win in the next few days.

Did you know you can buy a Cameron Gray model longboard? If you want to surf like Cam, this is the place to start!

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